Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Round Up

This week I....
... had to listen to my beloved tell me the temperatures in Key West, FL (80 degrees) and Quito, Ecuador (67 degrees) because the cold has come.  It's below freezing here, and my half-Croatia husband is remembering his Mediterranean bloodlines and wondering why we still live here....

... confirmed that what I tell my students is true: You have to follow the directions!
This is me looking sheepish:

This is him announcing who is going to clean the burnt weirdness off of the inside of the microwave:

(Sorry, Rachel, I will do better next time!)


  1. So is that supposed to be microwave popcorn? Wow! Although I admit I have done that myself before! Heating up a bowl of lemon water in the microwave is supposed to help get rid if the smell, and it did help some when I tried it. Good luck!

  2. I felt really bad about burning it! Thanks for the tip about the lemon water, though. I'll have to try that. Soon.