Friday, November 15, 2013

Art Via.... Cleaning?

Ok, I'm not saying this is going to inspire me to consider scrubbing the kitchen floor to be art, but this is pretty cool.

This artist makes art, not by adding, but by removing.  Dirt and grime, that is.

It's an important concept, though: sometimes art = removing. 

Check out his website for more, especially if you can read German!

I discovered him via the book Raw+Material=Art which I've been enjoying flipping through.  It has an international flair to it, and I'm definitely seeing some larger-than-life art.


  1. Really cool! Not something I would want to try though! Must take a LOT of advance planning.

    1. Yes, as well as thinking on a huge scale. Still, it's a cool concept. Like writing in the dust on a windshield, only much, much more dramatic!