Monday, November 18, 2013

Additional Shelves: Power Tools Are Not Always Fun

This was much more work than I thought it would be!  Using only left over and repurposed materials added to the challenge.

But the result is more efficient use of space.
Here's the before:

 And here's the after:
Here's the process in pictures
The small hole is supposed to prevent the drill bit from wandering.  It sort of worked.
 Drilling the screws into the wood seemed to require a third hand that I didn't have. Enter masking tape, just enough to keep it from wobbling.  I'm kinda surprised that this worked.
 I was so excited to use my new drill!  However, there appears to be some kind of mysterious relationship between the type of screw, the style of drill bit, and the kind of wood that I don't yet grasp.  The whole process was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Here is my first attempt at getting a screw and a piece of wood to make a lifetime commitment.
 Not so pretty.
My fourth attempt went better.  I like the screws with the rounded tops so my drill bit stays in place better.  Considering how much it slipped around I'm surprised I didn't do more damage to myself. (Just a tiny scrape-bruise-thing.)
 Belovedest had cut some board for me out of leftover paneling.  I covered the edges in masking tape because of all the splintering.  (The blue painter's tape was still on there from when he first cut the boards.  It was supposed to reduce splintering.  It's hard to say since we didn't try it both ways.)
 Kinda curvy, but I knew from the get-go that the new shelves would be for lightweight stuff.  Plus I haven't got any delusions that they will last forever!

More stuff in less space makes me happy!

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