Monday, November 4, 2013

Is Blogging Worth It?

That depends.  What do you want to use it for?

To keep in touch with family and friends.  It works well for this.  I'm surprised how many folks I already know whom I am able to be more connected with because they see what I'm up to on the blog.

To have space to write about what you want.  Ditto.  Facebook isn't designed for longer posts and it felt like I was possibly bothering people who didn't want me clogging up their feed.  Anyone who comes here, wants to.  Painting on the Ceiling is entirely optional!

To keep a record of what you've been up to.  This has been nice.  I still journal on paper for the private stuff, but here I can add photos and don't have to puzzle over my own handwriting.  I can look up when a particular event happened or what kind of henna I used when I last dyed my hair.  I can also see how productive I am, creatively speaking, and I like that.

To connect with like-minded people. Not really.  I can see when I have an unusual number of visitors, and I like to think that people enjoy and are inspired by my writing and creating.  But very, very people comment and no one has emailed.  If you are reading this, please know that comments make my day!

To earn extra money.  No, it isn't worth it.  Since January, readers have bought $992.20 worth of stuff through the Amazon Affiliate link, a total of 49 items.  From this I have earned $48.85.  (Or I will have.  You get paid after you reach $10 and after 60 days have passed, so I've actually received $28.63 so far.)  I am grateful for each and every purchase!  As you know, dear readers, we are slowly inching our way toward financial independence and every little bit helps.  But if I wanted to earn more money, I'd have to put in a lot more time and I'm already blogging fairly regularly.

Caveat on the money question: There are some blogging rules that I am breaking here at Painting on the Ceiling.
  1. I blog about more than one topic.
  2. My photos are not fabulous.
  3. I don't blog daily.
  4. I don't do guest posts on other blogs to increase my traffic.
  5. I only have one unobtrusive Amazon Affiliate portal rather than GoogleAds, etc.
  6. Some parts of the blog need improvement, like the Gallery page and the Reviews page.

So this doesn't mean that you couldn't make money blogging.  But you have to be consistent and unique...  and very persistent.  I wouldn't start blogging in order to make money.  I would do it for other reasons--publicize a business, a place to present photos, a way to keep track of a project--and if the money comes, cool.  If not, well, you got other things out of it.

Does this mean I'm quitting?  No.  The first three reasons are good enough reasons to keep going.  But if you like something, please do comment.  One blogger called it "an internet hug" and a comment really is a nice way to say thank you to a blogger who has brightened your day.

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