Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

This week I...

... did some more work on containers for the herb garden.  A massive blog post is coming soon!

... got to cuddle little Madeline and have a pleasant chat with her mother, one of the sweetest women God ever clothed in clay

... savored a walk with my mother through fall leaves so beautiful we had to pick some up and take them home.  For The Magician, was our excuse.  But really, there something about those colors that you just have to touch.
... went to an art exhibit where my friends both took home ribbons!
 ... Had Sister Stephen over for Scrabble.
... Went to the annual Open House at The Magician's new employer.  I took a photo of his office because he's getting some original artwork for his wall for his birthday in March.  (Notice the Houdini photo on the wall.  What is going to match that?  Hmmmm....)

Also at the Open House I met an art professor who is interested in possibly including some of my recycled art in an exhibit in April!  I went to bed that night with my head just spinning with ideas!

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