Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Ornaments.... Size Matters

Today I'm going to start work on some custom ornaments for Jody at Out of the Box.  (She was going to sell some of my ornaments in the store, but at both craft fairs I sold all but one.  Next year, maybe.)

She gives each of her two boys a new Christmas ornament every year with the date on it.  I'm going to make two of these with circles for the date and each boy's name.
That means going through piles of Christmas cards looking for images that 8 and 9 year old boys would like.  I thought while I was going through punching out circles, I could also cut strips to make this other kind of card.

I made some with playing card strips, but I want them bigger.  Now I think it's too big....

This afternoon I tried just cutting strips the size of a greeting card but I think they were too long.  (Picture holding a card so the height is more than the width, then cut left to right.  That's the direction.)

I might just need more strips, but I think I need something between playing card and Christmas card size.  I'll do some experimenting--that's half the fun of it.

It was fun to get to use the paper cutter that I won from Westcott via  It's so much easier and faster than scissors...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


People need joy.  Quite as much as clothing.  Some of them need it far more.
-- Margaret Collier Graham

Clearly, Ms. Graham is not living in Nebraska right now!  (However, let's go with both/and regarding her idea....)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feeling Better...

Grading is DONE!  (Well, the hard part of it, anyway.)

My pain is gone thanks to medication and physical therapy.  I'm feeling so much better!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The  blog has been on autopilot lately because I have been undergoing severe pain from some kind of nerve problem in my back. Eight days of agony have now turned into constant pain but I'm finally able to function thanks to steroids. Physical therapy started today, and have high hopes that I will be able to avoid surgery. All of this comes right in the middle of the end of the semester grading binge. It has not been a very good week!

I'm also not sure what to do about the Mac. If I am keeping it, I should start downloading my photos into iPhoto, but if I'm not then I need to make some plan for that. Generally speaking, I like it, but there are a few things I have to figure out how to do before I am going to commit. My husband is  perfectly happy to take it off my hands if I decide I don't want it!

Anyway, between the constant pain (and the dizziness and nausea from the pain medication) and my Mac indecision, the blog has been a bit orphaned. But I will return – I started work on a fun up cycled scarf with my niece!