Friday, June 24, 2016

Job Update

I received a "No thanks" email from Company N this morning.  Ouch--with three open positions, that kinda stings!

My meeting with Company H is postponed until Monday at 7:30 because the CEO has travel troubles and can't get to Lincoln in time.

So everything will be up in the air a little longer.  The garage sale is going well, at least....

30 Days of Flowers: Day 24

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garage Sale

This garage sale is huge.  Let's be honest--it's pretty much totally out of hand.

875 South 34th
Friday -9 am - 8 pm (maybe)
Saturday - 9am-???

Lots of great stuff very, very cheap!  We are in purge mode!

I've joined forces with a former teacher selling lots of stuff and a mom with lots of crafts.

Some items:

LOTS and LOTS of sturdy binders - 10 cents each.

Pillow cases for crafting - a whole bag for $5
New dress form - $75
I really didn't want to sell this--it is a lot of fun.  - $15

Job Update

The interview with Company N went fine yesterday.  Not "amazingly fantastic" but fine.  I think I was the first one in the series, so they were pretty reserved.  Almost all of them were younger than I am, incidentally.  However, they are hiring for 3 positions, so my odds are good.
Oh, and Company H emailed.  (You know, the one with the six interviews.)  I have a meeting with the CEO tomorrow at 4pm.  Since they said I was done with interviews, I presume this is a job offer of one sort or another.  It could be a consulting position instead of a full-time job.  The last email I received from them said they were hoping they'd be able to make an offer in the next 30-75 days, and that was June 20.  So I'm not sure what changed.  Maybe someone resigned--?
And I am expecting to hear from Company N by the beginning of next week.  They said the end of next week by the very latest.  I have to laugh because I've spent the last three months expecting to get job offers from Company N and Company H at the same time.  And now it looks like that might actually happen.  
I am much more interested in the work at Company H.  But they have been extremely flakey throughout the whole hiring process.  Plus I have no idea how much they pay.  Company N is not as interesting, and the work would be much more stressful, but I have a pretty good idea that they pay very well.  Plus my husband and I could bike together! :)   (He bought a shiny new red bike for his commute.)
So this could get interesting...

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