Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Thought: Unbound Retreat

I went to an Unbound Retreat on Friday and Saturday.  I found it helpful and thought-provoking, although I didn't get prayed with.

Here are some questions it made me think about:

What are the lies I tell myself?  (After all, any lie divides us from God Who is Truth.)
If I see myself as I truly am, what are my characteristics?  (I'm going to make a very honest list that I'm not going to show anyone.)
What keeps me from God?  (Grudges, obsessions, sins, etc.)

Holding on to bad stuff like sins and unforgiveness is like wrapping our arms around cactus and hugging it as tightly to our chest as we can--and then wondering why we hurt so much.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cutting a Rug


This was a custom rug for Mom and Dad, for a particular spot in front of a fireplace between two rocking chairs.

I’m not planning on making another one of these because it was so tedious.  If you find it soothing or pleasant to put music on and do something mundane, the project is very simple.  It’s easy.  It’s cheap.  It’s incredibly forgiving.

You need a pile of T-shirts.  (10 or 15????  I didn't count.  Maybe less.)
You need an old towel.
That's it.

1. Cut T-shirts into long strips.
2. Cut the long strips into short ones.
3. Cut an old towel to size and serge/finish the cut edge.  (If the towel is the size you want the rug, you obviously can skip this step.)  Note that the fringe hangs over the edge so sizing is kind of approximate.)

4. Sew the short strips to the towel in long rows.  

If you sew the rows about a quarter inch apart, you get this:

If you sew them a half inch apart, you get this:

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Budgeting: Some Lessons

Lesson #1: Check the cost of benefits when applying for a job.

My husband's salary didn't change much.  But because his employer pays much less of his insurance, our income took a nasty hit.  (Previous two employers paid 100%.)  I went from part-time to full time so my income jumped significantly, but because his went down so much, our net gain is $200 a month.  Yup.  Not happy about that.  An expensive lesson.

Lesson #2: Transportation matters

His commute was 59 miles one way.
Mine was 22 miles one way, but my expenses were lower due to carpooling.
Total transportation expenses for a month:  $197.97

Our commute is about 3 miles.
We both biked to work for a month.
Total transportation expenses for a month: $35.20

We aren't going to be biking during the winter, but we plan to start up again in the spring.

Friday, September 30, 2016

120 miles on a bike

Today is the last day of the national bike challenge.  I've logged 120 miles since September 1 when I started my new job.  The challenge ends today, and it looks like Lincoln, NE is going to win!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Query on Organization

Why am I getting steadily more and more organized at work.....
.... while getting steadily less and less organized at home?

Which reminds me: Laundry. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


And so now I am working full-time.

I really love my job.  It doesn't even seem like work.  My boss is great, and I already feel completely comfortable there.

But working full time is.... well, time-consuming!  The blog isn't going away.  Eventually I'll be freelancing full time and then I hope to blog much more often.  But for a few years, anyway, it's going to be erratic.  I've already scattered blog posts through next July, here and there.  And there will be more.  But now weekends and evenings are precious, precious, precious.  So while I still appreciate each and every purchase made through the Amazon portal, the blog is going to be hibernating a bit.

I am still working on projects, though....

.... and I hope you will be too.