Tuesday, September 20, 2016


And so now I am working full-time.

I really love my job.  It doesn't even seem like work.  My boss is great, and I already feel completely comfortable there.

But working full time is.... well, time-consuming!  The blog isn't going away.  Eventually I'll be freelancing full time and then I hope to blog much more often.  But for a few years, anyway, it's going to be erratic.  I've already scattered blog posts through next July, here and there.  And there will be more.  But now weekends and evenings are precious, precious, precious.  So while I still appreciate each and every purchase made through the Amazon portal, the blog is going to be hibernating a bit.

I am still working on projects, though....

.... and I hope you will be too.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekly Round Up

Since my last Round Up I have....

..... started my new job.  (Love it!)

.... wiped out on my roller skates.  (The only safety gear I omitted was, you guessed: elbow pads.)

... watched my husband release a squirrel in the park.  (Hopefully the one that has been eating our pumpkins.)

... been in an earthquake.  (Very small.)

... started biking to work.  (Flat tire on the 1st day.  Lots of rain.)

.... entertained some dear friends.

.... went shopping at a costume shop that was going out of business.  (Lots of fun!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Quilting Continued

Love the bold color palette!

~ I forgot to note the maker on this one--if you are the maker, please let me know! ~