Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mosaic Angel

Something else I did a little work on this evening was this a baby shower present.  It's made from an ugly thrift store painting that I gessoed over and cut up and used Christmas cards left over from an ornament-making project. (So I'm recycling my leftovers from recycling!)  The pieces are applied with Modge Podge.

This is going to take more or less forever, but I'm currently fascinated with mosaic and this is my first attempt to make an image.  I love the idea of separate bits that alone seem not worth saving but come together to make something beautiful.

Snow Day Dress

No school today for me since the Interstate was closed.  So I spent some time in my studio.

BEFORE: a pile of my husband's sweaters that I intercepted on the way to the thrift shop:

NEXT: Some pinning.  This project is one more reason I'm glad my husband got me a dress form--it would be pretty much impossible without it.  (See how useful he is and he's not even here!)

FOLLOWED BY: cutting.

AFTER: The sweater dress, finished in an afternoon....

It's not flawless or anything, but I still plan to wear it to school Friday.  Just not with those socks....

* A note on making a dress in an afternoon.... the first time I tried one (out of T-shirts so stained the thrift store was giving then away) it took me two weekends. *