Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day Dress

No school today for me since the Interstate was closed.  So I spent some time in my studio.

BEFORE: a pile of my husband's sweaters that I intercepted on the way to the thrift shop:

NEXT: Some pinning.  This project is one more reason I'm glad my husband got me a dress form--it would be pretty much impossible without it.  (See how useful he is and he's not even here!)

FOLLOWED BY: cutting.

AFTER: The sweater dress, finished in an afternoon....

It's not flawless or anything, but I still plan to wear it to school Friday.  Just not with those socks....

* A note on making a dress in an afternoon.... the first time I tried one (out of T-shirts so stained the thrift store was giving then away) it took me two weekends. *

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