Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mosaic Angel

Something else I did a little work on this evening was this a baby shower present.  It's made from an ugly thrift store painting that I gessoed over and cut up and used Christmas cards left over from an ornament-making project. (So I'm recycling my leftovers from recycling!)  The pieces are applied with Modge Podge.

This is going to take more or less forever, but I'm currently fascinated with mosaic and this is my first attempt to make an image.  I love the idea of separate bits that alone seem not worth saving but come together to make something beautiful.


  1. Quilting used to be a way to use up scraps of cloth instead of pitching them. Then it became an art, and now generates little scraps of cloth that are thrown away. Be careful.

    1. I like to think we don't have to chose between art and recycling. I don't buy fabric (or Christmas cards or usually anything else) for my raw material, so I'm working the old-fashioned "don't waste it" way using leftovers. But I hope my work can be art just as much as someone who spends $8 a yard on special quilting fabric.

      I should post some of my made-from-reclaimed-fabrics clothes and my one no-purchased-fabric quilt. Thanks for that idea!

      And if "be careful" means "try not to drown in saved scraps" I know just what you mean! It's that whole self-control thing.... :)

      Thanks for the comment!