Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

This week I....

.... worked on my nephew/godson's supposed Christmas gift, a handmade and original book.  I have serious doubts about getting it done in time....
Lie to me.  Tell me this looks like a vole!

... measured the backyard to plan our huge garden!
... volunteered at the craft booth at the parish bazaar.  I learned that items for wrapping other items (gift bags, gift card wrappers) sold quite well.  There were also some fun stuffed animals that went.  I could try designing goofy stuffed dolls--that might be fun.  Crafting is not all that lucrative, so I'm not going to make stuff that isn't fun to make unless I can do it in front of the TV.

... sweet-talked My Beloved into cutting up leftover paneling from the basement project for, you guessed, more shelves.  (I would do it myself but the circular saw is too heavy for me to both lift and control.)
... priced Macs.  As in, the computers.  Now I'm trying to if I want one badly enough to spend that much money on it.  The actual computer isn't that expensive, but there would be a lot of software to buy since I need voice recognition software and I have art projects in mind that will require Photoshop, plus the ergonomic keyboard, a back-up system, a DVD player/burner, etc...  In fact, my husband noted that a Mac would probably cost more than we could get for our smaller car.

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