Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Prosperous Heart Reviewed

I just finished reading The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of "Enough", by Julia Cameron.  She wrote , a book that moved me, which is designed for blocked artists of every stripe.  (I've never faced a dearth of creative energy, but I still enjoyed the book.)

The Prosperous Heart is for anyone whose relationship with money is troubled.  It incorporates a spiritual approach to money issues, which makes it pretty unique.  It is well written and packed with insightful anecdotes.  While Julia tends to write for artists and their fluctuating income, I think anybody who is interested a healthy relationship with money and who practices any kind of spirituality would find the book helpful.

Here is a sampling of some of the quotes that she has in the margins to give you an idea what the book is about.

By using prosperity affirmations, you're not trying to make God give you anything.  You're only trying to open your mind to see the abundance He has already given you.
-- Catherine Ponder

Tenacity is when you follow your heart -- when the whole world is screaming to get back into your head.
-- Sonia Choquette

When you have fear and do the thing anyway, you are holding on to the hand of God.
-- Edwene Gaines

We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living.
--Thuch Nhat Hanh

In order to demonstrate true prosperity, you must to get rid of what you do not want, to make way for what you do want.
-- Catherine Ponder

We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic, and positive equals unrealistic.
-- Susan Jeffers

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