Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY soup stock

The Magician turns trash into dinner!  (I really love that man.  Especially when he feeds me.)

1. Collect chicken bones by tossing them in a ziplock bag in the freezer.
2. Throw the chicken bones into a pot.  We had some tired carrots that should be been eaten weeks ago, so he threw those in too.

3. Boil for an hour or hour and a half until any meat falls off bones.
4. Remove bones, carrots, and anything else you don’t want in the soup.  What remains is your stock.  Add fresh veggies, noodles, meat, whatever else you like and heat it up. 
5.  Boil your veggies, etc. for another 20 minutes to get their flavor into your stock.
  This stage is where The Magician added garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, salt, and celery salt, although I suppose you could add it earlier.  (Want to chime in, Sam the Ham?). 

Ta da—homemade soup!

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