Friday, June 6, 2014

Playing with Paint

I had never done faux painting before.  I have to report back to my dear readers: Faux painting is fun!

Auntie M introduced me to this good time, and now I want to do lots of stuff, especially in the basement.

You remember this, right?

Auntie M. wants to spice up the back of some bookshelves. 

She'd found some contact paper that she liked but it was way too pricey.  We thought we could duplicate the look in paint, and in colors that better matched her color scheme.

Wisely, we practiced on cardboard first.  When the project is finished and fabulous, I’ll post a full tutorial.  

But here’s a sneak peak at some of the fun….
Here's a sponge...

Here's another one.  This is the "ghost hand."  Not a lot of staying still in this process!
Here she's using a special sponge for cleaning cars and a technique called flogging.
 Stay tuned to find out how it turned out.  (Since she doesn't have the summer off, you might have to stay tuned for a while.  But that's OK--I've got other fun stuff to show you while you wait....)

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