Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekly Round Up

This week I...
-- continued my summer job, which I love.  It is part-time, extremely flexible, and I work with the nicest people ever.  I am at the Chancery, and I've moved from helping to organize the audiovisual library to entering baptismal records.  I would probably hate it if they did it all day long, but three hours at a time in the mornings is perfect.
-- set up a new gallery page for Painting on the Ceiling, which I also love.  I tried to use Google+ since this is supposed to interact seamlessly with blogger, but after an hour and a half of not being able to answer the simple question "how do I set up an album?"  I decided to look elsewhere.  I had uploaded a bunch of photographs to Shutterfly so I could print them and make a physical artist portfolio, so I decided to work with Shutterfly. Quick and easy.  I hope you like it.  If anyone would like to try out the comments feature they are, I would appreciate it.  (Particularly if the comment says something nice!)
-- went out to the farm on Friday to help Aunt Earlene sort through Grandpa and Grandma's estate.  The family reunion is coming up, and that is when many of the items will be divided up among family members.  It is dusty work and there is so much stuff that it is rather overwhelming, but we did make really good progress.  I ended up spending most of the day out there, but I was glad I did.
-- Marcia from Marcia's Musings came over last night to play Scrabble.  It was great fun, and we are quite evenly matched, so we are glad we found each other and hope to do it again sometime soon.
-- Doug and Gen came over to do some planting.  We are loaning them our garden plots since they are going to be traveling this summer and want someone to water are strawberries and mow the backyard.  I got to see their beautiful daughter Madeline Therese, which is always a treat.
-- The Magician and I did not contrive to flood the basement.  But we came close, anyway.  The washing machine drains into a large utility sink which then drains into the floor drain.  That was how it was set up when we bought the house.  I had used a rag, and draped it over the edge of the utility sink to try, but somehow it fell down into the sink and clogged the drain.  Fast-forward to one out of The Magician's laundry-binges. Out of the corner of my eye when headed up the stairs I saw soapy water spilling over the edge of the sink and onto the floor, rushing towards my precious boxes of fabric.  I screeched, "the basement is flooding!"  This brought The Magician down the stairs in a hurry.  Fortunately, we caught it before it did any damage.
-- The blog had 15 hits from a new country this week: Finland!   

Hope all my readers are doing well!

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