Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Budget Numbers for April

The bad news:
Interest rates went down.  Passive income this month = $2.90.
Based on this month's expenses,we're still about $220 short of being able to live off of the larger of our two incomes.  Hats off to families living on one income so a parent can stay home with the kiddos. You are amazing. 

We live so simply: no cable, no eating out, no new clothes, etc.  We walk to church and our entertainment tends to involve the library, the outdoors, or socializing.  So why are we putting less than $1,000 in savings lately?

The good news, though, is that we were able to put money in saving (more than last month, even!) and we were able to pay extra on our mortgage.   Our savings would last 7 months if we had no income. 

As always, we are looking to find that balance between frugality and living life right now instead of imagining living it in some future financial vision.

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