Friday, May 31, 2013

Reversible Wrap-Around Skirt

Yesterday Jen S. (soon-to-be a blushing bride!) joined me standing in a long line at the opening of a local Jo-Ann fabric store.  We were among the first 100 people in the door, so we each got a gift card.  Mine was for $20, so I picked up some ribbon for my current sewing project and I'm pondering what to do with the remaining $18.

This is my starting point. I need one skirt to match the three tops in the middle.  I'm going to be backpacking this summer, and if I can get two sides of one skirt to match all the tops I'm wearing, that's less I have to pack.

I'm making it mostly out of discarded sheets.

Here's part of my progress:
Hopefully soon I can show you the finished project!


  1. I thought the skirt was going to be bright colors! I like the mellow ones, but I was looking forward to some bold flowers.

  2. I remember that we looked at doing some brighter colors when you were over here sewing owls. I ended up picking more based on what would match the tops I was wearing. I'm glad I did, actually, because when I sewed the two sides together I wasn't very successful in keeping the reserve side from showing along the bottom, so it's good that the sides were complimentary. Unless the two sides are lined-up absolutely perfectly, after all, a little bit of one side or the other will end up showing.

    I plan to post the finished skirt tomorrow, so I'll be curious as to what you think. One side is much bolder than the other.