Saturday, May 18, 2013

Parade of Homes

The Magician, Aunt Monica, and I all went to the Parade of Homes in Lincoln yesterday.  I suppose it is positively un-American not to envy one’s wealthier neighbors, but I’m having a hard time doing my patriotic duty.  The cheapest house we saw was $290,000.  The square footage of that one was roughly the size of our house.  Our lot size is much bigger, our hardwood floors are real, and we can walk or bike to all kinds of places.  Yes, a two-car garage would be nice.  But the biggest difference is newness and zip code.  For an estimated $1,400 a month, that house would be paid off in 30 years.  But we can pay less than that and have ours paid off in about 7 years, and we’ve only been here 3.5 years.    

I don’t want a zip code that badly! 

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