Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly Round Up

  • We decided to postpone making our raised beds, in particular since our design ideas keep changing.
  • We scooped up three free 5 gallon buckets via Keep Nebraska Beautiful's Materials Exchange program.
  • We found a tiny gluten-free bakery whose products don't taste like grit or sawdust: Easy Eatz.
  • Our wedding gift to our dear friends Jen and Michael is going to be DJ-ing their wedding reception and we are almost done with the music!  All that is left is burning the CDs.
  • I worked on the denim picnic blanket, which is also almost done.
  • I found some temp summer work.  I'm not sure how long it is going to last as it is culling, organizing, and moving an AV collection.  Could take four hours, could take two weeks.  I'll find out tomorrow morning, but I'm just glad to bring in some extra income.
  • On Wednesday Mom and I went to Omaha to pick up some dresser drawers and see my godson Alex's Mother's Day program at St. James/St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  (The dresser itself was too beat up to repurpose into anything, although some day I want to turn a discarded dresser into an entertainment center. 
Anyway, Kindergardeners are just inherently cute.  Afterwards we went out for ice cream.  Such is the sweet stuff of life:

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