Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's Up - Weekly Round Up

Since my last Round Up I....
... ate my first Crêpes Suzette courtesy of Aunt Monica, who fixed me a splendid breakfast at a pretty table.  (Crêpes Suzette involve flame and cream and lots of glorious French cooking.)  Magnifique!  This is why when I put her in a novel, she's going to be an ambassador's wife.
... started my first week of the spring semester.
... enjoyed playing crokinole with Andy and Ann.
Here we all.are looking sedate and civilized
... And here we are cleaning wine off the blinds because The Magician got so excited he knocked over his glass.
Andy, the only born-Canadian, cleaned house.  He kept saying it was his first time playing....
...I played a 158 point word in Scrabble vs the computer.  Yup-- "Abridges" on two triple word scores.  Not sure what is nerdier--that I play Scrabble on the computer or that I think that that info is worth posting!
... finally spent some time in my studio!  Hooray!  Pictures will be coming soon....

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