Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

This week I....
... watched the finale of Project Runway.  Congrats, Dom!  All four designers did a fabulous job, so I'm sure it was a tough choice.  I really liked Justin's collection just as much as Dom's.  It makes me want to play with fabric and my serger is in the shop for its annual cleaning!
...worked on my windowsill herb garden.  My goal is to create mini planters without spending any money.  So far, I've used yogurt containers decorated with left over twine, and now with pebbles and tissue paper.
 More on the herb garden later.
... I had dinner with my parents on Friday and got to play with power tools!  This is fast becoming one of my favorite activities.  (And, incidentally, I want an orbital sander for Christmas.)
This is me using a router:
 This is me using a table saw:
The red arrow shows the approximate location of the rapidly spinning blade.  I thought The Magician would freak out at seeing this photo, but he didn't.  Apparently he doesn't mind my fingers being that close to whirling dismemberment since my dad was there providing proper supervision!  I find this amusing.  But it is better than him freaking out.  (And Dad assures me that he (Dad) has had his fingers MUCH closer to the blade than what you see above.)
           What project am I working on?  I'm hoping to post an update this week. 
...went with my husband to the wedding of our dear friend Elizabeth to her "enchanting gentlemen" Nicholas.  Such a lovely and happy bride coming down the aisle in her mother's wedding dress!  Congratulations and best wishes!

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