Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

* Last Sunday was Help Your Family Day.  The Magician and I went to retrieve some stuff from Aunt Earlene's.  She'd been kindly storing it much longer than expected. Here is a super-sturdy table that Dad and I might or might not put a new top on, and a car-load of rock tumbling stuff for Rachel & Co.

* Marcia from Marcia’s Musings dropped by Monday night for some Scrabble.  She is a sky-watcher, and because of her I got to see my first Iridium Flare.  (It’s a flash of sunlight reflecting off of a satellite.)  She also beat me in Scrabble, but hey, you win some, you lose some. 

Since her birthday is coming up, I made a gratitude jar for her.  (Isn't that a cool skirt that she made?  Love it!)

It looks better with light coming through it.
* Lots of Marcia this week, so it was a good week!  We did the First Friday Art Walk and I got all inspired and happy.

*The Magician had his first full week at his new job.  So far, it's looking like a good decision.

* Two crafting afternoons back-to-back with two Elizabeths.

* I finished a baby shower gift!  I'll post pics after the shower.

* I have a freelance writing gig and FINALLY the interviewee got back to me to schedule it.

* I got all medieval on my reading--I'm getting ready to teach Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

* The Magician harvested a bunch of Russian sage and is drying it out.  I'm thinking sachets of scent to stash in drawers or give as gifts.  Right now, the house smells amazing!

* Watching Project Runway, even though I was so bummed that Kate is gone now!

Lots to be grateful for.  And this week I'm going to try not to stress out!

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