Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Round Up

-- My cousin's wife had her baby!  (She's been on bed rest in a room with only one window--that looks out on a brick wall--since August 9.)  The baby did come early, but she's over 5 pounds and excepted to do just fine.  Welcome to the family, Charlotte Jane!

-- For our anniversary date we cuddled up on the sofa with a movie from the library.  We watched Now You See Me, which I just loved.  I kept waiting for a break in the action because I'd forgotten my chapstick upstairs, and there wasn't one!  I thought it was really clever.  I can also see a little bit better the attraction that The Magician sees in doing that kind of thing.  The movie is about four magicians who rob a bank in Paris while on stage in Las Vegas.  But that's only the beginning....

-- I popped by the Christmas Boutique at St. Teresa's and it is big.  They must have emptied 20 big plastic bins and they were only half way done setting up.  I hope a lot sells or it all has to be packed up again and carted up the stairs...

--This morning The Magician and I did a little photoshoot for my next playing-with-Photoshop project.  Here's a sneak peak:

-- And lastly, a teapot painting party!  My mom collects tea pots.  She has one from her daughters, and one from her son and sons-in-laws, so it was time to add a grandchild one.

Afterward we went out for ice cream...

The kids had to play on the statue.  I love it that it is A) Whimsical and cool and B) More or less indescructible.

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