Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Round-Up:

This week ....

- J. finished a freelance article on Croatia.  That's another $100 toward the mortgage.  (Some of our readers are probably thinking, "Wow, so much!" while others are thinking, "Who works for so little?"  If you are in the latter camp and want to hire me, just send me an email!  My handle is jpariodesigns and my public email is through gmail.)

- We had our good friends Gen and Doug over to help us light up our firepit for the first time.  They brought little Madeline and we all had a cozy time.

- We made $17.77 from our Amazon portal.  Thank you to all our readers who start at the portal when they shop Amazon!
-J. was featured on Recyclart!
- The Magician started his new job.
- J. attended the African Gala to Support Global Education at the Quilt Center.  (She wrote a publicity article and the organizer graciously gave her a free ticket.)   It was to raise funds for study abroad fellowships for students from the Home Ec college (which is now called something else).  There was a drum circle, Africa dance, an auction, students modeling clothes designed with authentic African fabric, and cuisine from Africa, adapted and served by culinary arts students.
Also attending: The first lady of Tanzania and Joe Ricketts, Nebraska native and founder of an organization that supports education in Africa.  J. got to hear them both speak.
J. did not take nearly enough pictures!  But it was fun to get dressed up and to go out.  Almost everyone was either rich or a student, and she got mistaken for a student, which was heartening.  (At least I'm assuming, "Did you make that?" meant "You must be a fashion design student" and not "What a weird purse.")  It was a very good time.

 Some of the fashion designed by students.
- And The Magician finished painting the garage, for which J. is very grateful!

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