Monday, September 16, 2013

Croatia: A Local Festival

The name of the town where we stayed on the island, Supetar, is a corruption of “Sv. Petar,” or St. Peter in Croatian.  We were there for the annual town festival on the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29.  It was pretty cool to take part in the celebration that has probably been going on for at least a thousand years. 

The festivities included a market, a soccer tournament, a free concert on the village green, and procession through the streets of town carrying a life-sized statues of St. Peter and St. Paul, along with smaller statues of St. Roh and St. Benedict.  We were informed by reliable sources that the locals were going to party until 6 a.m., although we had to take this on faith as we were too old and boring to stay up that late.

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