Friday, September 20, 2013

Henna Head

I used Rajasthani Monsoon “Ancient Sunrise” pure henna mixed with lemon juice to dye my hair yesterday.  (That’s it.  Just two ingredients.)  The website was recommended by my friend Elizabeth F., who does red hair with style and panache.

Here’s how it works:

BEFORE: Red commercial dye that didn't wash out as advertised.  Roots at least an inch.  It looked pretty awful, frankly!
 After mixing with lemon juice and leaving in the fridge over night it looked like dog poo.
 After adding more lemon juice so that it could be put in my hair, it looked like yogurt.
 Yes, it really looked that green!  Plus it started to harden into mud fairly quickly, so it got stiff.
 My seran-wrapped head.  I put towels over and under my pillow and went to bed like this.  It was still damp in the morning when I washed it out.
 Here it is!  Much better, I think.
It is supposed to settled down to a less dramatic hue after about four days of oxidizing.

Here is what it looked like four days later.

I like the rich burgundy color. 

My verdict on henna – more hassle, but prettier and chemical-free.  I’d do it again. 

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