Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Remove Experation Info from Jar Lids

So I’m in love again.  Jason, the maintenance guy at work who shakes his head every time I swoop down and claim something from the discard pile, introduced me to GoofOff.  (I swear this is not an ad.  Although if Goof Off wants to send me a check out of sheer gratitude, I will promise I will spend it on buying some.)
 I want to make some gratitude jars to sell.  (I know I swore off making crafts for $ because it wasn’t lucrative, but….)  Ok, maybe they will be for gifts.  (Wanna buy some?  Just let me know!)  Anyway, they look like this:

The idea is that you put a slip of paper in there when something happens that you are grateful for, and then at the end of year you read through them and remember the good things that happened that year.
 But it’s hard to find good lids.  So I loved this batch of (mostly) empty pickle jar because of the simple gold lids.  I was just going to ignore the expiration date stuff printed at the top.  But the Goof Off took it right off!  Super cool!  
(There's a little smear, but that might come off, too.  Anyway, it's much nicer looking than the original.)

  And happily, I have a whole box now that I can work with.

Speaking of boxes, I also worked on my mosaic box this afternoon.  I need to get that done so I can move on to a baby shower gift that is going to be fun but time-consuming.

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