Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wedding Present with a Flat Bow ... plus Frugal Gift Wrap

You know how you put a pretty bow on top of a wedding present and then you get to the gift table and there’s no place to put said present without squishing someone else’s pretty bow?

Here’s my solution.  I punched four circles out of one color of wrapping paper, plus one for the center of the daisy out of matching wrapping paper.  (The paper itself had seen better days, but I was able to find non-wrinkled spots.  It’s a good way to re-use wrapping paper that has already been used once.)  Ta-da! A flat but classy bow.  (The card goes inside the gift.)

Other frugal aspects:  The wrapping paper is butcher paper from Hobby Lobby.  (Not the best deal in the world for wrapping paper, but better than a $3 roll that's only 10 feet long.) The ribbon is from a VCR tape.

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