Friday, August 2, 2013

Croatia: Fun at the Airport?

Rather than give you a whopping mass of Croatia photos and memories, I'm going to post a few pictures every couple of days in addition to my regular blogging.  That way we can spread out the fun!

One of my motto for travel is: Don't neglect the little moments.

So here is a little moment or two from the airport in Ottowa, Canada.  My beloved performed some magic tricks for a couple of interesting fellow travelers.  She is American, he is French, and they met in Mexico on vacation.  (That wasn't actually the quickest jumpstart to a relationship that we encountered on our travels -- we met a couple who got acquainted on a 45 minute flight from France to Ireland, leading to a long-distance Irish-American relationship and eventually many years of marriage.)

(How did we end up talking to total strangers?  You may well ask.  I do it all the time, and it makes for a much more interesting trip.  He asked the adjacent booth was taken, I said it wasn't and threw out a harmless remark about how tiring the "travel" part of traveling is, and we got to talking.)

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