Friday, August 9, 2013

Basement Update

We're ignoring it.

Ok, not totally.  We've run the dehumidifer until it no longer smells moldy and musty.

We've had some .... discussions.... about what to do with the basement.

(J. realized after it was basically dry that since we'd be tearing up carpet eventually, we should have just cut out and tossed the water-soaked carpet and saved all that money on the electric bill by skipping the dehumidifier.)

J. has made an arbitrary decision not to do this: 

They are all images of stuff you can hunt.  Yup.  It's called a man-cave and it's also called trying too hard.
(With apologies to my friend Jen S., whose doesn't really like this aspect of her basement anyway!)

The Magician is going to try to figure out where the water is coming from some time this week.....

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