Saturday, August 24, 2013

Job Search - Missile Defense Agency

I'm looking at making a career change.  I need some new challenges and think it's time to move on from my current employer.  There have been some interesting things out there - most of which I don't qualify for.


I found and applied for two positions with a really fantastic place - The Missile Defense Agency!

Seriously.  This government agency appears to be quite the great place to work.  Not only because of the mission itself and their locations but also because of their overall work ethic and environment.  So this on the very top, top, top of my list of wanted calls for an interview.  And the really great thing is that the two positions I applied for include three years of training.  You can't find many employers nowadays that are willing to support their employees with their own training!

Anyhow, go over to the Missile Defense Agency and check them out.  I'll bet you never heard of them until now.

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  1. ? whether you want to work for a top secret gov't agency with such prying eyes. When they find out you're related to me, you may not get the job. I hereby apologize in advance.