Friday, August 9, 2013

Finished! Country-Cute Skirt

I finished it yesterday, and wore it to the best thrift store in the whole world today.  The other girls there just loved it.

It is a recycling mash-up with denim shorts plus cotton gleaned from men's shirts intercepted on the way to the rag bin.

(The "painting" is also fun-with-fabric and an easy decorating trick.  It's just fabric on a frame.)

I did mess some stuff up (and right in front, no less) but it was fun to make and it's so nice to have a quick easy crafting fix!  I made something!  After all those weeks of traveling and looking at stuff other people made (Nice waterfall, God.  Cool altarpiece, unknown medieval craftsman.  Beautiful weaving, glasswork, jewelry, folk costume, etc. etc.) I finally got to do some making myself.

Follow the jump for a brief photo essay on how I made it or head over to Cut Out and Keep for the full tutorial.  Questions and comments are welcome!  Just click on "no comments" below to leave a comment.

That was so fun and easy I think I'll make another one!  But I've got an unusual wedding present to do first, plus I've got to get more photos up on the gallery page, and then there's school starting up here shortly....

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