Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Round Up

-- The Magician made a pair of regular gloves into his own hard-palmed gloves.  (I don’t know the skateboarder name for them.)  This involved powerful glue, making the office stink, so Thursday morning I spent with the windows open, the heat off, and a hat on my head, trying to work with frozen fingers.  Fortunately, I’m sure I am NEVER an inconvenience to him…..
-- This blog topped 1000 visits!  We’ve been writing since January 30, 2013.
-- I got some great advice on how to design an enclosed, rabbit-proof garden/greenhouse from Jason, the maintenance guy at work.
-- The Magician priced rain barrels.  It’s actually cheaper to sign up for a make-your-own class at the local community college with the supplies included instead of buying them, so we are doing that instead.
-- Lent ended and Easter Octave Eating began.  So I'm eating whatever I want! In consequence, my skin is greasy and breaking out, I’m moody, my sleep is somewhat more erratic, and my memory is on vacation.  The change isn’t dramatic.  But it is noticeable.  And I’m still savoring fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies without regret.  I’m just not going to eat this way indefinitely!
-- We attended the baptism of Simon, the first-born son of our dear friends Andy and Ann.  There was much rejoicing!
-- I auditioned for a play called Chosen.

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