Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Magician and the Long Board

Robert got his longboard while I was in Chicago.  He has taken it out to play twice.  (Hey. It's still cold out!)

Here is Day 1:
(It had a couple of days to heal.  It was originally much more impressive of a scrape.)

Here is Day 2:
(Look closely.  It's the pinky finger.)
I think non-impressive injuries are the best kind, don't you?  Hence, the helmet.

Robert being Robert, he researched "should I buy a helmet" and "longboards" on-line.  (Did he ask me, the love of his life?  No.  Instead he turned to the Collective Wisdom of the Internet.)  The answer was a resounding "YES," backed up with sad and gruesome reasons why the posters decided to buy helmets.

This is the smaller of the two boards he bought.  The other one is something like 6 foot long, and tomorrow he is borrowing my car to retrieve it from work.

He tried to teach me how to ride this one on Saturday.  I am very, very bad at longboarding.  He was holding on to me as if he were the training wheels but I still couldn't get balanced.  The board almost ended up in the creek that runs along the bike trail.

I'm hoping the other board is big enough for me to sit on while he propels it!  Stay tuned....

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  1. Ha, I can hardly see anything of my scrape in the first picture. It healed in the jpeg :-)