Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hamboards Are Awesome!

Seriously, these things are amazing.

I took my Hamboard Classic (Bamboo) out today on some flats and, wow, what a crazy cool surf vibe when riding this thing.  You'd think a skateboard that is over six feet long wouldn't turn well but the Hamboard turns on a dime and has an incredibly small turn radius.  It's very responsive and you have to be careful when stepping off either side of the stringer as the board will pitch you very quickly.  Once you get your foot placement down though, it's very sweet.

However I overdid it today and overworked my calf when pushing.  Icing it now and will give it a few days rest.  Then once it's healed up I'll have J. come out with me sometime and snap some pics.

(and yes... I did "hang ten" several times like in the pic...)

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