Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Round Up

This week I....

... spent time with my brother who was visiting from California with his super cute, sweet, funny, and highly likable girlfriend Maria

... visited Jen S. and the darling little Dominic.  He's just two weeks old in this pic....

... had Carla over to play

The smocking is her work, not mine. I can't do anything requiring that much patience!  Carla treated me to lunch at a charming little locally owned cafĂ© where the prices were quite reasonable despite the fact that the name included a foreign language.  I spotted a shop nearby that I think I might pitch for an article.
... worked on a mosaic project:

... was soundly trounced in Scrabble by Marcia
... finished a freelance article on the EcoStore, which was more fun than work and which I hopes brings more people in their door.
... am looking forward to hanging out with Uncle Steve this afternoon in the Wild West.

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