Monday, September 8, 2014

Freezing Basil

Yes, you can make pesto.

This is simpler.

1. Pick the basil.

2. Wash the basil.

3. Dry the basil.  (It doesn’t have to be perfectly dry.)  We gave it a spin or two in the salad spinner and called it good.

4. Stuff it in a freezer bag.  We used snack-sized bags, as they hold about as much as The Magician will need for one batch of pasta or rice or whatever dish he wants to add basil to.

5. Put it in the freezer.  We’ve used it up to as much as 6 months later. It will be limp, but the flavor will be fine.  Considering that we have a year's supply of basil, we'll let you know how it tastes in after many more months than 6.....

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