Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lettuce on the Ledge: Harvesting Seeds Part II

Remember when I saved those lettuce seeds?

Now we're going to see if anything grows....

Basically, you just have to shake the dried lettuce stalk.  Not hard at all!

The packet goes into the fridge along with the other seeds.
Half of the bowl was sown with store bought seeds and half with harvested seeds on September 20.  (Hint: the fuzzy side is the harvested one.)  We will see which side grows better….  [See my previous post--these got a bit out of order!]

Granted, lettuce seeds are 30 cents a pack, which isn't much of a savings.  But if we continually harvest seeds from the best plants year after year, we will gradually end up with plants uniquely suited to our soil and gardening style.

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