Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

This week I...

... congratulated my husband on winning a weekend stay in a hotel/casino in Deadwood, SD!  He entered an on-line sweepstakes and won.  Neither of us have been there, and it is near the Black Hills Nat'l Forest, so I'm guessing we'll combine the hotel and some camping, and make a really long weekend of it some time this summer.
.... started drying oregano.  This isn't how you are supposed to do it.  But I was in a hurry....

.... made this:

Craft fair season is coming up.  I'm going to be in two of them, and I've reserved space for two 8-foot tables.  Some time soon I need to take stock of what I have to sell and how much I need to make.

... sold 22 pounds of random metal bits for $5.31.  Not exactly the deal of the century, although it is nice to think that it won't go in a landfill.
... worked on my current mystery project

.... am trying to figure how how I'm going to deal with having so many little big and little projects.  It's making me feel overwhelmed and stressed, which is silly because most of them don't have to get done...... Christmas ornaments, Alex' book, Rachel's novel, faux stained glass, gratitude jars, tiles into coasters to hopefully sell at Out of the Box, voice demo script, orange/pink skirt mash-up, paper bracelets, magazine bowls, marketing tiered trays, marketing Dad's bookcases, freelance article on the Eco Store and I really should clean the studio.  Yep.  I need to make a list and tackle one thing at a time.  The voice over demo reel recording is set for Sept 23, so I might want to bump that up to the top of the list.  {My husband thinks this can be solved by hitting the backspace and deleting this entire paragraph!}

Off to take photos for the article....

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