Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Why do we assume that God means it when we read that He loves us, but not when He gives us rules?

That's not very logical.

Convenient, yes, but logical, no!


  1. In our defense, I see all children acting this way. My little niece definitely knows she is loved, but following rules is a lot harder for her. She just hasn't figured out that she should not touch Mama's fine hutch filled with crystal and china. Sometimes it's hard not to touch things at are so available and so . . . well, shiny! But, like my niece, after a few times, I figure out that broken crystal upsets Father and hurts really bad when you cut yourself on it.

  2. What you've said reminds me of something so important to remember--both that the rules are there for our own good, and that God is a patient, loving parent even when we sometimes take quite a while to figure out that He is really right!