Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Cookie Baking

These were taken December 20.  Happily, cuteness never grows stale!

May I therefore present:
Making Christmas cookies with Conner, age 9 and Alex, age 6.

 Here we are making chocolate crinkles.  I told Conner that it was like playing in mud, only it was chocolate.  He was immediately up for it!  Here he is rolling the chocolate into balls and then covering them with sugar.

Rachel and the finished chocolate crinkles.

 I figured it was more important for the boys to be creative than for the cookies to look standard.  The R2D2 in the upper left is a great example of this theory!  We just let them play.

This is a Yoda cookie, in case you were wondering.
 Thanks, Mom, for letting me use your kitchen, where I could fearlessly fling flour, and thanks Rachel, for letting me come play with your boys!

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