Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly Round Up

This week I....

.... took advantage of unexpectedly lovely weather and went geocaching with my beloved!  (There is a reason for that exclamation point: It was above 40 degrees in Nebraska in December!)

We finally moved along a smurf trackable that we picked up this summer.
Here is the travel bug discoing it up with another Smurf we happened to have on hand.  The magnificent artwork adding such joy to their lives is my husband's.  :)
If none of the above made sense, head to the geocaching website for more info.
... Carla came over on Tuesday for some quality time in the sewing room.  She also brought homemade chicken soup.  It was REALLY homemade--they raised the chickens themselves!

... The BackBlaze initial backup has been going on for a week and a day.  My computer has been on continuously.  And I still have 20 files left!
... enjoyed the annual symphony orchestra Christmas concert with most of my family.  It was Conner's first concert and he enjoyed it.  I was rather impressed--he is nine, and at that age I don't think I would have been that interested.  Granted, the concert incorporated ballet and a dramatic/musical interpretation of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," which probably helped.

Conner with his new penguin key chain--and his grandma, who is a sucker for penguins :)

Not a lot of nine year old boys want to be butterflies....
.... but Mom wanted a photo to match this one of Arwen last year:
... and this morning I hung out with some lovely ladies at the Cathedral Craft and Bake Sale:
Maggie, me, Stacy, and Jen
... No school on Monday so I have a four day weekend!  Gotta get some fun stuff squeezed in among all the "musts" and "have-tos."

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