Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Here is an image that popped into my head with peculiar vividness the other day.

A strong, broad-shouldered man is carrying a child in his arms.  He's so strong, she weighs practically nothing to him and so loving that he holds her securely.  But she is screaming in panic: "Don't drop me!  Don't drop me!"

He smiles tenderly and says in reply: "Why do you think I would drop you?  I never have before.  I am plenty strong enough to carry you.  All your life I have loved you.  Of course, I might have to set you down so you can learn to walk.  But I'm not going to drop you.  And I promise I'll hold your hand."

So all that frantic worry is useless and silly.  He has me and I am safe.

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