Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Round Up

I am looking for summer temp work, so I had my first job interview in a decade with the state temp agency.  I'm optimistic that they'll find something for me.

Today gardening is getting restricted by rain..... Maybe we'll get the soil tests done--we already gathered the soil and it has been busy drying.

Last week I posed nice photos from Alex's First Communion.


HOWEVER, the party afterward was somewhat unruly, thanks to Uncle Magician.....

Yesterday, Arwen came over to hang out at the House of Endless Fun.  Afterwards, I took her and my goddaughter Isabel to see Music Man Jr. at St. Peter's, an enormous undertaking that I am totally amazed that my friend Kirsten tackled.  That's a lot of kids to all be in a particular place at a particular time!

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