Friday, May 8, 2015

Books on Fashion

I'm noting these here for teaching purposes.

This book is a fun history of clothes with lots of illustrations, many taken from portraits.  It's by James Laver.

This book would be easier to show students because of its uniformity and how the images are all organized the same way.  It is by Henny Harald Hansen, whose parents were apparently determined that he or she should be a walking example of bad spelling.

Here's a blurry photo from the second book to remind me of what I'm talking about.


  1. Henny had no proof-reader?

  2. Actually, it really was "Henny." I double-checked. Perhaps it is short for Henrietta?

  3. That was my thought. Still, if the misspellings were bad through the whole book, maybe they really didn't use a proof-reader. What's the copyright date? Surely, it's not from before the dictionaries standardized spellings?

  4. The author's name was the only odd spelling I noticed and the book was 1956. Go figure. I suppose Henny could be "Henry" since the middle name was "Harald." Or perhaps the parents really wanted a boy....