Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly Round-Up = Garden Update

This Weekly Round Up is a garden update

My husband cleaned the rain barrels.  I decorated them, and he installed them.  (Yes, I get to do all the fun stuff!)

(It was actually much more disgusting than this photo--this is after rinsing it out.)


We learned the hard way how to make PVC pipe tomato cages.

Not this:

Unless you are making this:

But instead this:

(More in a later post, hopefully.)

We did soil testing. 

Bottom line:
If Nitrogen is the Food of Plants
Compost on!

Compost is slow.  Our soil is still lousy.  This is going to take awhile….

And our tomato seedlings are coming up!
There is something really lovely about little green leaves reading for the light!

Today we are off to the Ren Faire to sell some bottles of Charlemagne Beard Oil.

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  1. Congrats on the seedlings! It's always neat to see the little sprouts. And yeah, compost is slow. Try making it in a flower pot on a balcony. :P