Thursday, April 2, 2015

Today's Adventures in Gardening....

Leeks were supposed to be transplanted April 1.  But they are such tiny little things!  (Plus I forgot about hardening them off.  Yes, the perfect bloggers are NOT at this URL….)  So today makes, I think, day 3 of hardening off.

Can you even see them?
Plus I covered the bed where they are going to be planted with plastic to warm it up.  The leeks HAVE to go in the ground by April 15 because that is when we are starting tomatoes and we need the pots that the leeks are in!

Supposedly this process, if done for a few weeks, will also make the weeds sprout so they can be eliminated before you plant anything.

This bed is waiting for potatoes.  (Plus shows me being frugal by using the clothesline!)

Belovedest cut them up yesterday and they are supposed to scab over a little so they don’t rot.  He wants to plant them today but I am going to try to persuade him to wait.  You are supposed to wait 3 days after you cut them.
We didn't actually buy seed potatoes.  These are just ones from the grocery store that we set aside....

How does your garden grow?  What are you up to?

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  1. Great day for gardening! :) Good luck!