Thursday, April 9, 2015

Progress on the "Us Painting"

 What I’ve been calling our “us painting” is progressing nicely.

I’m done with my part of it.  Belovedest will now add the finishing touches so it looks something like this:
I changed the roses to dots, though.  Here's the post which discusses how we came up with this joint image.

Hope this inspires you to have some fun!  (And don't worry if you aren't any good.  That tales all the fun out of it.)


  1. Is that the Magician pre-beard?! Almost unrecognizable! -Gen

    1. Yes, that's him minus the beard. He's been growing it out less than a year and it is already quite impressive! We're going to be selling beard oil at the James Arthur Vineyard Ren Faire so hopefully his mane will help move some bottles! :)

      It has really taken us a long time to get that painting done.....