Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lamb... the Other Meat

For Easter I, the Magician, decided that we should eat something special.  So I searched around town for some lamb.  Unfortunately all of the local farmers that were advertised somewhere online as having lamb for sale either didn't have active websites anymore or didn't list lamb as a product.

I finally did find a leg of lamb at Whole Foods!...

...BUT... wowsers, at what cost!  Nevertheless, we didn't want the price to spoil the special meal, so the butcher wrapped it up and home we went.

I followed a Rosemary/Garlic/Lemon recipe (but did not make the sauce on the page).  It didn't take all that long to pre and pre-cooked it looked awsome:

By-the-way... did I mention that one leg of this beast ran $60!!!...  Imagine, with all four legs this lamb would be worth $240 at a minimum... 

A few hours later it came out quite lovely.  And the smell was fantastic!

It still came out a bit pink though.   Twas delicious nonetheless:

We ended up having several meals worth of meat.  In the end I don't know if we'd ever spend that kind of money again for meat.  It was great - but in the end it was a consumable that was gone in a week.  Maybe later this year I'll go hunt some rabbits and freeze them for next Easter!

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  1. Wow! Looks impressive. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the lamb. Good job, Magician! :)