Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tile Testing Update

Editor's Note: These were tiles sealed with ModPodge which I no longer use for sealing.

The first tile test was with water.  I dipped the bottoms of glasses in water, set them on the tiles, and left them.  For a couple of days, actually, since I forgot them.

When I picked the glass off of the tile, I saw white blurs and my heart sank:

However, I left them alone and the blur went away as the tile dried.  I repeated the experiment and left the glass on for about five hours.  No blur.   I'm not sure what to do.  Can I sell them this way?  Even if someone leaves a glass on them for days, the blur isn't permanent.  But I am still reluctant to sell them because I feel like I have to include this long explanation with them in case this happens to any one.  

Or I could try to figure out another way to seal them.  

Any way, testing continues with ....

Test Two: Grape Juice


After one swipe with a towel, as good as new:

Next Up: Hot Tea!

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