Saturday, November 29, 2014

Garden Total = 147 pounds!

We met our goal of more than 100 pounds from our garden!  Not bad for 4 plots totaling just 64 square feet.  We were also somewhat less than dedicated, I have to admit.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it didn't make much of a dent in our food budget.  Although we spent less on groceries in September and October, the overall summer grocery cost was still higher than last year when we didn't garden.  I think that's due mostly to Belovedest buying lots of gluten-free speciality foods.

The other good news is that we ate healthier.  So instead of pasta for dinner, we had pasta and fresh carrots.  That's also why the budget didn't show much improvement - we added food from the garden rather than eating garden food in place of grocery purchases.

Still more good news is that we have 20+ bags of frozen tomatos in the freezer.  (Next year: canning.  But since it all fit in the freezer, I didn't see much need to can.)  We also have enough frozen basil to last us all winter, plus we gave away bags of it to friends and neighbors.

And the final good news: my husband bought a book on making gluten free artisan breads in five minutes a day.  I'm really hoping he uses it!

Here's the breakdown by food type, all listed in pounds.
tomatoes = 105
potatoes = 12
strawberries = 11
carrots = 6.7
purple beans = 4.9
chives = .4
basil = 3.4
cucumbers = 1.6
Lettuce = .9
peas = .4
leeks = .4
shallots = .17

As always, we learned a lot and as always.... we are going to change some things next year.....

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